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Infrastructural facilities of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Teachers Training College

A. Existing Physical Facilities

1.Two Arts buildings.
2. One three storeyed science building.
3.One library building
4.One seminar/conference hall.
5.A non-resident students’ centre.
6.A guest house.
7.A Gymnasium hall.
8.An IGNOU Study Centre
9.A community information centre with internet facility.
10.A computational laboratory.
11.One boys’ hostel.
12.Two girls’ hostels.
13.Principal's quarter.
14.Hostel superintendents’ quarters.
15.A play ground.
16.A pisciculture pond.
17. 1 volley ball court
18. 1 tennis court
19. 1 basket ball court .
20. Two botanical gardens.
21. A new girls’ hostel with UGC's assistance is under construction.
22. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Teachers Training College Post Office.
23. A Health Centre.
24. College canteen.
25. 3 Smart class rooms and Seminar Hall.
26. A Power plant and Drinking water supply plant.