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Programmes/ Courses offered: IGNOU Study Centre

A study cum examination centre (Code No. 0411) of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) was setup in the college premises in the year 1999 with Dr. Pabitra Mohan Kalita, former HOD, Physics, as its founder Co-ordinator. The centre offers the following programmes with Dr. Prabin Ch. Kalita, HOD, Political Science as its present Co-ordinator.

Programmes offered-

a) Certificate Programme (6 months duration)

(a) CTS - Certificate in Tourism Studies
(b) CFN - Certificate in Food and Nutrition
(c) CES - Certificate in Environmental Studies
(d) CPLT - Certificate in Programme Lab Technique.
(e) CTPM - Certificate in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics
(f) CTE - Certificate in Teaching of English
(g) BPP- Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme.
(h) CHR- Certificate in Human Rights.
(i) CRD- Certificate in Rural Development
(j) CAFE- Certificate in Aids & Family Education.
(k) CDM- Certificate in Disaster Management
.(l) CCP- Certificate in Consumer Protection.

b) Diploma Programmes (1 year duration)

(a) DTS - Diploma in Tourism Studies
(b) ADTS - Advanced Diploma in Tourism Studies.
(c) DNHE- Diploma in Nutrition & Healh Education.
(d) DCE- Diploma in Child Education.
(e) DWED- Diploma in Women Empowerment & Development.
(f) DAFE- Diploma in Aids & Family Education


c) Bachelor Degree Programmes (3 year duration)

  1. BDP - Bachelor's Degree Programme (leading to B.A., B.Com and B.Sc. Degree respectively)
  2. (b) BTS - Bachelor in Tourism Studies.

d) P.G. Diploma Programmes (1 year duation)

(a) PGDRD- Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development.
(b) PGDHE- Post Graduate Diploma in Higher Education.
(c)PGDE & SD- Post Graduate Diploma in Environment & Sustainable Development.
(d) PGDDE- Post Graduate Diploma in Distance Education.
(e) PGDT- Post Graduate Diploma in Translation.
(f) PGDDM – Post Graduate Diploma in Disaster Management

e) Master Degree Programmes

MEG, M.A.R.D., M.P.S., M.S.O., M.E.C., M.P.A., M.A.H., M.H.D. , M.Com, M.Ed. , M.Phil. and M.COM.

A graduate in any discipline is eligible for admission. Admission is open to any student of any institution and also any employed educated person. Student's handbook and prospectus containing the application form etc. can be obtained from the co-ordinator of IGNOU study centre.